Wednesday, April 9, 2008

East Quarter -- Period 3: Wow. We Lose. I'm SHOCKED! SHOCKED, I Tell You!

-- How many times does a team get two 5-on3's in one game? Not very often. How often does a team not score on either one? Almost. Fucking. Never.

-- Missed The Net Count now stands at 18 according to the increasingly irritating CBC stat crew.

-- A-TRAIN UPDATE: Out for the game. "Head Laceration". Are you dead? You're dead, right Anton? No? Just stitches? THEN GETCHER FOOKIN' ASS ON THE ICE!

-- If Jarko Ruutu is making me wish he'd been aborted as a freshly conceived zygote, then he's doing his job. But still. I want him dead. I want his whole family, dead. Excuse me whilst I pummel something with this baseball bat.

-- And Fucknuts #1's magical mystery tour continues with a trip on Malkin after being caught (again) flat footed (again) at the blue line (again).

-- 6:00 to go. Malkin for the Pens 3rd. Aaaaand we're done. I'm going to go get drunk now. I'll try to put some lipstick on this pig tomorrow. If anyone has any suggestions, I'm all ears.


HabsFan4 said...

Oh God SLC where was their effort? Doesn't it look like they didn't even care? Must be terribly frustrating.

Team Atwood said...

Our fourth line generated more offense than your first.

Team Atwood said...

Oh.. and stealing some fire from little Jeffrey..

YOU GOT DICK PUNCHED BY MAF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Baroque said...


Gerber wasn't horrible?

That was sad. I'm so sorry.

Jeffrey Paswick said...

good game senetors. go cry. i know my DEVS lost too but at least we have MARTIN!!! martin is actualy good. ur goalie cant stop giving goals like derrick dinofrio cant stop touching dicks. derrick is a kid in my earth sciences class.

GO DEVILS!!!!!!!!

p.s. i can post on this board if i want.

LeNoceur said...

Maybe Gary Roberts will spark a little fire. Just a little?

Jaredoflondon said...

just an observation, but you Pens fans seem a little pre-occupied with dicks.

Gary Roberts is awesome though. So. Awesome.

HabsFan29 said...

@jeffrey paswick - yes, Marty is actually good at staring at loose pucks in front of him in the crease and trying to jedi-mind pass while on a PP

and yes, you can post here. that's what commenting means

Dr. Turkleton said...


not going to come over here & gloat about 1 win in a 7 game series...didn't you or someone on here say:
'You're not out of a series until you lose a game on home ice?'

I agree with that 110%

If the Sens win Game 2...they have home ice advantage with 3 home games in a best of 5.

Seems like most of the Pens' fans dislike of the Sens is focused on least for me, my memories go back to his Caps days & it seems like he hasn't skipped a beat [as far as getting the Pens faithful fired up]

His reverse-psychology seemed to work in reverse...but then again, 1 Win does not a series make...

One final note, how can Redden let Ryan Whitney [one of my favs, but I'm in the minority in Pens Nation] get the best of him.

Senators Lost Cojones said...

Dr. T: Appreciate the magnanimous attitude in victory (look it up, Jeffrey).

And, to answer your question, as someone who has seen 79 of the 82 Sens games this season, I can state with all confidence that Redden has been letting everybody get the best of him since training camp. I can't wait until we let him walk as a UFA come July.