Friday, April 4, 2008

BACK(ing) IN(to) THE PLAYOFFS! Do YOU Know What Time It Is??

We lose to the Broons, but Florida beats the Whaleicanes! WE'RE IN THE PLAYOFFS BABY!! Thanks Jacques! More in the next couple of days, but for now...WE'RE IN!! And there's absolutely nothing wrong with our team that five solid days of practice can't fix. Nope. Nothing at all.

Clinching with a home loss on the last day of the regular season? Exactly as I predicted back in October! Except for all the sucking. WHEEE!


Anonymous said...

No such thing as backing in.

Think of it this way. Ottawa beating Detroit back when there was snow on the ground (hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha) I digress....was the two points the Sens needed to clinch. See easy as that....those mean nothing games in the dead of winter...(hahahahahahaaha...sorry...) mean something. They all count. All of them. Not just the Leaf games.

All of them....

Billy Sniffle.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah....

2-1 Bruins BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

~Billy Sniffle

Senators Lost Cojones said...

Thanks for the input Billy!

Billy Sniffle, ladies and gentlemen! He'll be here until Tuesday. Try the veal.

Although, you're backhanded encouragement is appreciated. Ish.

FireFox said...

Hey SLC,

That was beyond frustrating... even when Vermette scored, you just knew that it was still going into the L column.

Christ, what happened to this team. I mean the thrashing of the Leafs was fun and all - but can you image what frustration lies ahead . Our wonderful choice of opponents are the Habs (If I have to hear that ole ole chant one more time .... grrr) or Penguins (you think our defense looks like roadkill against the Bruins... gawd). Cant see my purchase of home game 3 tickets turning out to cost me much at all in the end.

Thanks for keeping the news items rolling - I bet its a lot less fun with things going as they have.


FireFox said...

Oh and one other thing... how much does Cory Stillman look like Peter Bondra circa 2004 ?

Urge to kill rising ....


WufPirate said...

You're welcome, bastards.