Thursday, April 17, 2008

Pens 3, Sens 1 -- Time For A Little Downtime

I suppose posting a Creamy Middle about last night is rather pointless. If you're reading this (from either side of the fence) you already know what happened, and why (and if not, my interweb friends here, here and here will be happy to fill you in). Besides, it would be a litany of the same things I've been saying since December, and truth be told, I'm running out of funny ways to say "Here's why we suck".

I'll be taking a few days off now. When you think about it, I've been staring at this screen almost every night, pretty much since the season opened in October. It's a wonder I'm still married (um...I am still married, right Beloved? Hello? Anybody home?)

I'll be back with a final Totally Half-Assed Season Recap along with the requisite Keep 'Em/Trade 'Em/Stuff 'Em In A Steamer Trunk and Banish Them To The Outer Moons of Jupiter review of the roster, probably next week sometime.

In the meantime, I would encourage all of you to jump, with both feet, onto the Habs bandwagon (HF29 already said we could). Not only are they a fun team to watch, but anything that keeps the Four Habs Fans stripperific and lethally funny posts coming should be embraced and nurtured.

I'll give the last word to our new found Pens pal (BOOOO! LAME!), FrankD at Classy guy. Too bad we couldn't give Pittsburgh enough of a series to see how he'd do under real pressure.
Dear Ottawa,

I could be a complete jerk and give you the "ha-ha" and "you suck" treatment, but I prefer to have more class than that. Besides, there's nothing more to say than what your media has already said since Game One.

Every morning I made it a point to read the Ottawa Sun (online). Your hockey coverage is exceptional, but the faith of the columnists and writers alike seem to be in disparity. That's not to say the media really has an influence on a team's performance, but could it hurt to just show a little support?

Case and point: we all know a healthy Ottawa team would've been downright scary. I don't know what the contract situation is with Gerber but you guys better hold onto him. He's not the reason Ottawa lost; your lack of offensive production is to blame for that. Even still, Gerber is only one man (and closer to a machine at that).

It's been fun sharing the postage-free letters with SLC, and we've already talked of continuing the new found tradition into next season.

Rest up Senators, you'll have your chance for redemption. Pittsburgh and Ottawa have a date in Sweden at the end of September.

And one more thing. Please don't bring along the half-naked Spartan Warrior guy - we wouldn't want to get your trusty editor SLC too excited.

It's been fun.

See ya next season,
Stick that in our Stockholm and smoke it.

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