Sunday, April 13, 2008

And Now A Word From The Other Side Of The Fence. Well, The Literate Side Anyway

In his continuing effort to at once make us like him and feel absolutely crappy about ourselves, FrankD, editor of sent me the following:
Dearest and Lovable Ottawa Fans,

You almost had us there. I mean, really stellar work. I attribute the chance for Ottawa's comeback entirely on Gerber's shoulders. Granted he didn't score any of the goals that tied the game (although that would be amazing), but he sure as hell did his part to keep at least three decent ones out of the mesh in efforts to support a rally. As I said in my recap following the game, if you save 50+ shots a game you expect the win. Not a two goal deficit as the final outcome (empty net goal or not). Had this been a regular season game I'd have said, "That sucks for him." But since it's the playoffs and the last thing I wanted was a tied series heading into Ottawa, I'll say "Good for us."

Now I'm not gonna lie - my heartburn started acting up around the third period. There was a numbness and tingling in my left arm/hand area that I haven't felt in quite some time. When I thought it couldn't possibly get worse, Saint Malone paid a visit and reminded me that all was well in the world. I have since burnt an Ottawa Senators hat on the alter of sacrifice.

Speaking of death, pain and sacrifice; what's the deal with Alfie? Is he coming back, is he sitting out? I mean, injury or not, this is the opportunity for your captain to come flying off the bench and reclaim his position as a leader. That's not to say I'm looking forward to his return. Take your time Alf, take your time.

On the bright side of things, should (when) the Senators fall 3-0, all Ottawa fans can look forward to opening the season against the Pens in Sweden next year. It's weird; two straight playoff series and an opening season together. I'm really feeling a connection with you guys.

Love always and forever,
I can't decide which is worse. The monosyllabic, homophobic rantings of my numerous Anonymous "contributing commenters", or the gentle notes of pity and condescension from those Pen Heads who can actually form complete sentences.

I've sent him my two cents about Game 2, so be sure to check out his site. If nothing else, my irrational bravado in the face of all evidence to the contrary means I can never be accused of jumping off the bandwagon. Or of being sane.


Anonymous said...

I had us pegged for four and out, but after this amazing effort I see that I was wrong. We will get past these nobodies and go deep, deep and deep. Now that every game counts its way more fun to watch anyway. I can hardly wait to see Turco up close in his away kit.

Freewillig said...

Pity is the worst. Save some of those pills for me, SLC. My tumbler of gin awaits a few sedatives....or bennies...whatever!

Anonymous said...

Scotiabank Place will be rocking tonight! OMG I'm so freaking pumped up! Sadly, and I'm a Sens fan, we'll all be crying when it's over. Hate to admit it, but we're screwed, Alf or no Alf.

Jaredoflondon said...

Sanity is for suckers.