Friday, March 23, 2007

And An Even GREATER Umbrage Shall…ahhh…screw it.

Well, it took a little longer than I thought it would but…we have a winner!! First into the pool is none other than Colin Campbell, Director of Hockey Operations, renowned former pugilist in his own right, and Bettman Spokespuppet Extraordinaire!

While you can read the whole article here (it’s too long and not nearly amusing enough for my purposes), I’d like to draw particular attention to two things. Firstly, how often he uses the word “scared”. We might need to confiscate his Man Card. And secondly, this little passage:

Today's enforcers are bigger than ever before, so their punches carry more impact, Campbell argues.
''You take a Tiger Williams, you take a Dave Shultz, or even a Bob Probert of the '90s, and you pit them against our players today- our players today are much bigger and stronger and more well-conditioned,'' said Campbell.

Um…well sure. I’d agree with that. If you took the 90’s version of Williams or The Hammer and put them up against…say…Brian McGrattan today, things could get a little messy. But McGrattan/Williams in 1983? I’m putting my money on Tiger…Mostly because McGratten was born in ’81. Hard to fight when you’ve got one hand clutching your Binky.

Time To Look At The Issue of Fighting Says League Disciplinarian [CP via TSN]

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