Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Jerkoff of the Day

True to the original intent of the site, it is my intention to post, on a quasi-daily basis, a story of someone who, through their own actions, makes you shake your head, pack the kids and immediately move to a Tibetan monastary. Today's winner comes to us courtesy of The Fanhouse via Deadspin (see? Told ya, I'm grovelling here...GROVELLIN') .

Say hello to Mr. Khalif Barnes, O-Lineman for the Jacksonville Jaguars.:

"This is unbelievable, man, unbelievable being a pro athlete in Jacksonville. I can't wait to get out of here. Can't wait," Barnes said while handcuffed in the back of a Jacksonville Sheriff's Office patrol car. "Especially if you're black." About 20 minutes later, still in the patrol car, he said, "Of all the places in the -- world that I came to this -- hick town. They -- hate us here. "Why you even want to have a pro team here? What's the use? They don't even -- respect you."

So class, to recap: He was doing 100MPH, blew a DUI, got beligerent with the officers, and they arrested him because...he' O.K. Just so we're clear. Somehow, this one statement embodies everything that pisses us off about pro athletes.

We wouldn't expect him to spend much more time in Jacksonville [Deadspin]

Jaguars Khalif Barnes Calls Cop KKK Devil [The Fanhouse]

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