Thursday, March 29, 2007

The Noise You Hear Is Valeri Karlamov’s Scream Of Impotent Fury

It would appear that Vladislav Tretiak’s dream of a new Summit Series (which, we have to admit, always looked better to us on paper than in reality…kinda like communism) is now mercifully dead:

“Vladislav Tretiak, the president of the Russian Ice Hockey Federation, recently submitted a letter to the NHL requesting the use of NHL players in an eight game exhibition series pitting Russia's best versus Canada's top players. While the NHL acknowledges the 1972 Summit Series as one of the most significant events in the history of hockey, it won't support or approve Tretiak's interest in bringing it back to life. Instead, the league would rather focus on an ongoing effort to settle a transfer agreement with Russia, which would align one of hockey's world powers with the existing group of federations.”

We think that’s a rather polite way of saying “Hey Comrade! Put down the vodka for a second and get back to helping us rape and pillage the Russian hockey program, would ya?? Jeez!!”

Da, da, we would.

The NHL Says Thanks But No Thanks []

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