Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Some Gee Gees Were Harmed In the Making of This Dynasty

We begin our brand new blog of THE Game with…er, basketball. We do this, of course, to give a big HOORAH to my almost Alma Mater (attended 4ish years…drank a ton of beer…threw up in the dorms…didn’t graduate), Carleton University for the Men’s basketball team’s FIFTH (for Ottawa U alums: that’s ALL of the fingers on one hand!) consecutive CIS title. And the best part? The next three tourneys will be held in Ottawa, the Ravens’ stomping ground baby! While this has apparently raised some eyebrows amongst the nattering classes, from what I saw from Halifax on Sunday, I’m sure most of the 42 people out of the 2000+ in attendance who were not drunken Carleton students will get over it. Welcome to OUR house BIOTCH!

Goodbye Halifax, Hello Ottawa (AJ Walling,

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