Thursday, March 22, 2007

Bring Back The Whalers?? Suddenly League's Title for Ugliest Uniform Up For Grabs. Nashville Very Concerned.

Well, this could get interesting, if only in a circus-side-show, bearded-lady-screwing-tom-thumb-on-the-trapeze kind of way…Hartford wants its team back. This apparently came as quite a shock to not only Gary Bettman (“Hartford had a team?!?!”) but also to…um…well, the good citizens of Hartford.

"In a decision that caught some by surprise, the authority on Wednesday picked a partnership between downtown's largest property owner and a worldwide sports and entertainment company to take over the 32-year-old arena."

Then, the other skate:

"When it came to managing the arena, each of the three interested bidders brought an array of proposals, from capital and concession improvements to strategies to boost attendance. For his part, Gottesdiener has said that his long-term goal is to knock the arena down, build a new one and bring the NHL back to Hartford.But for all the talk of a new arena and the NHL, Wednesday's decision was a limited one that dealt only with the arena operation through 2013."

Alrighty then…there seems to be a few steps betwixt and between now and the time of the Whale’s glorious re-incarnation. But I say, fret not…um…Hartfordians (Hartfordites? Hartfordumplings?)!!

A triumphal return is nigh! Nay, damn near inevitable! Just as soon as that pesky arena thingy gets torn down…then built again…oh, and after Winnipeg and Quebec City get their teams back…and global warming gets solved so the entire city doesn’t sink into the ocean… But after that? Your gold Hartford! Solid gold.

A New Boss At Civic Center [Hartford Courant]

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