Thursday, April 12, 2007

They’re Still Pissed At Us For Celine. Are We Sure This Is A Good Idea?

Oh lordy-lord, is this going to be fun/terrifying/fascinating to watch. Our very own Donald S. “Grapes” Cherry will be adding his special sense of je-ne-sais-quoi to NBC’s playoff telecasts.

On one hand, this may vastly improve the NBC “experience” for our hockey neophyte cousins down south. On the other, this may bring calumny of biblical proportions (along with a goodly portion of the 1st Airborne Division) upon the Great White North. There is no middle ground.

"In the States, they wanted me to go on one time in Pittsburgh. Jaromir Jagr, it was when he had long hair and he was with Mario Lemieux and I said, 'There's Mario and his daughter.' It didn't go over too good. That was my last time in the States."

If calling Jagr a girl (and really, who hasn’t done that) is enough to get you banned from the great USofA, what are they going to do the first time he calls out an entire race on national television for being commie lovin' peacniks? I very much doubt the U.S. has a public official powerful enough to put a muzzle on Don. Only Canada’s Official Languages Commissioner has that kind of clout.

But fear not, tender hearts! To ensure that the Bombastic One maintains a calm demeanor, he is being teamed with…Brett Hull. Really, what could possibly go wrong with that?

Cherry to Make Debut on NBC []

p.s.: “Better get some plaid” is one of the best quotes of the year and would make an excellent blog title, if I do say so.

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