Thursday, April 5, 2007

See You Next Week, Bastards.

Um...o.k. Game is over. Pens win. I'm okay. I can deal... So, what have we learned kids?

Well, we've learned that Bic pens explode in a spectacular fashion when hurled against a wall.

We've learned that the Gary Roberts' Ottawa head fuck has followed him from Toronto.

We've learned that Colby Armstrong's secret past as (please God I hope so) a pedophilic clown will be exposed before Wednesday because that little shit is firmly planted in the Senators collective heads.

We've learned that an entire page of glib and gleeful notes (including the word "BOOBIES!") which were to be posted here for your enjoyment, can be delayed until tomorrow while I get my head around losing home ice advantage to a team that, between you and I, scares the crap out of me.

We've learned that the Habs/Leafs game on Saturday night will be HUGE. And by HUGE, I mean "Canada closed 7:00pm" large.

We haven't yet learned, but we will, where the most fervent Penguins fan sites are, and how best to tease them into insanity before the playoffs start next Wednesday.

And we'll learn to deal with tonight...and KNOW that it is absolutely NOT EXACTLY THE FUCKING SAME WAY THE SENATORS HAVE PLAYED FOR THE LAST 10 PLAYOFF YEARS. Yeah...we'll learn to deal. See you tomorrow.

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