Monday, April 2, 2007

The Devils Are In 1st?? Playoffs a week away?? Well, That's Gotta Mean It’s FIRIN’ TIME!!

Lou Lamoriello is generally regarded as a pretty smart guy. How smart one needs to be to know that you’ve pretty much got one half of a Stanley Cub in your pocket by keeping Martin Brodeur in enough booze and hookers to keep him happy (‘cause that’s pretty much the only thing that would keep me in Jersey for 13 years. Well that and impressive parking lot parades…) is a matter for some debate. That said they’ve been rather successful over the last…oh…DECADE…or so…(Ed.- No-no-no 2003 absolutely did NOT happen!!) This year was no different. 102 points, first in the division, second in the East (assuming they can hold off Pittsburgh). Which naturally means, of course that for the second time in seven years, the Devils have fired their head coach with less than two weeks to go in the season.

No reason was given, but there are a lot of rumours floating around this here interweb this afternoon. Coach Julien not getting along with Brodeur is one of them (and the likeliest, one would think), but we’d like to get in on some of the fun, so we’ll start one ourselves. Julien was fired for Breach of Contract, to wit: Refusing to make his daily trip into the bowels of Continental Airlines Arena to feed Scott Steven’s evil twin brother. Not after being accosted by a crazed Jimmy Hoffa, who dumped the bucket of fish heads all over Claude and then touched him in his naughty place. Again.

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