Saturday, April 28, 2007

Eastern Semi Game 2 -- Pregame musings

--Saturday night hockey. When it should be. HNIC. Where it should be. I guess we should be more thankful that Martin Brodeur isn't all that good looking...otherwise NBC would have wanted to play the game at 3.

--And here we go again...Ottawa is 0-7 in second games after winning the first one. We know. We get it. Can we let it go now??

--The Nickleback/Kid Rock cover of Saturday Night's Alright For Fightin' is possibly the greatest change HNIC has made since ditching the powder blue jackets.

--How seriously does New Jersey take it's hockey? Well, in order to get the ice in optimum condition for tonights game, the Meadowlands hosted a basketball game last night, then a figure skating exhibition at Hockey! The Fastest Game On Slush.

See you after the first. Oh...and Go Sens Go!!

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