Tuesday, April 17, 2007

3rd Period -- Eyes Wide Shut -- If We Watch Through Our Fingers, Nothing Bad Can Happen

-- 13:26 to go, still tied 1-1. We can't count backwards from 20 anymore...too nervous. Reduced to pathetic "witticisms" during commercials.

-- Bob Cole: "Brilliant job by Ray Shero, GM of the Penguins". Um...yeah. Sure. Takes real genius to finish dead-last 3 years running to make sure you have the best odds in the draft. Result: Crosby, Malkin, Staal. My GOD! How ever did you unearth these diamonds in the rough?? GENIUS!!

-- GOAAAAALL! After an Anti-Christ interference non-call too! A-Train with the BLAST! And I mean this in the nicest way...BOO-YAH FUCKSTICKS!!

-- Ten minutes to go. Hubris may yet kick me in the ass...

-- Oh jesus...one goal game, late, and Murray has Spezza out against Crosby...nothing good can come of that...okay...got away with it. This time.

-- Fantastic shift by Suprykin, drawing a penalty. Say what you will about the deadline deal, he's at least been more of a factor that Tyler Arnason ever was. Not that that's saying a whole lot... 5:00 to go.

-- Game over, we can breathe again. Sens up 3-1, heading home. Might even temper my considerable rage at how many hits from behind the AntiChrist got away with.

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