Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Do Not Go Smugly Into That Good Night

Well, here we are. Three hours before game 4.

I had an intersting discussion today with a friend of mine. We were debating whether this editon of the Playoff Senators was any different from the those of playoffs past (cough, gag...ack!...choke). I told him that I was beginning to sense something altogether different on this team. Something completely intangible, mind you, but it expressed itself with crystal clarity when Gary Roberts 472 year old ass hit the ice following a throw down with the Captain on Sunday.

What is that? Is it something as cliche as "heart", "wanting it more then them"? Not sure, but if I were the Happy Feets I would be very, very concerned going into tonight. Because by all appearances, that something means that Pittsburgh is but a bump on a much longer road. Granted, a road that all Sens fans have sworn they've seen before, but THIS TIME, they pray, THIS time, it will be different. THIS time, the Boys know what it takes. The comeback on Sunday proves that, the MacAmmond/Talbot fight proes that and Gary Roberts getting knocked on his ass proves that.

As our esteemed friends at Ice This say: Enough prayer. Just win the fucking game. See you at puck drop.

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