Sunday, April 15, 2007

2nd Period -- In Which Our Intrepid Author Will Be Saying Less And Eating More

-- GOAL!! 17:42 to go! Comrie! Bad rebound by MAF. 2-1 Sens! Woo-Hoo! And now, back to my pork roast...

-- Crosby...NO goal! And why not? Because the whistle had gone. And why was that? Well because Roberts was trying to prove him manhood to Spezza with some continuous, yet entirely inappropriate touching. Now it's four-on-four. I say if somebody scores, Roberts gets an assist no matter which team it is.

-- Corvo on the BREAKAWAY! Defencmen falling everywhere! Aaaaaand...he misses. Here's hoping Joe doesn't always have that much trouble getting it up.

-- 14:07 to go. Ottawa pp.

-- GOAL!! Alffie off the half-boards! MAF looks his 12. Greg Millen saying "He's gotta have that shot." Something for the PensBlog perhaps? MAF or sieve? Discuss.

-- Sens have forgotten how to hit again. I grow impatient.

-- Youch...Eaves absolutely killed by the side of the net. Colby Armstrong (FLORKSONOFABITCHINGCORKSORKER!!!) , shoulder to the head. As much as I think Armstrong needs to be taken out behind the woodshed and sodomized with a cattle prod, I have to admit, the hit was clean. Eaves is being put on a stretcher. God Speed.

-- Not a bad job by McAmmond agains Talbot. If it was pay back for Eaves, he had the wrong guy, but for a small guy, he throws down pretty well.

-- Nice gesture by the crowd, applauding Eaves as he gets wheeled off. O.K., so maybe you're NOT all classless pukes who want to sleep with their cousins... Doesn't mean we're picking out curtains or anything, but thanks. But I still hate Roberts!!

-- Back to the game...

-- Chris Neil to Armstrong...Clean or not, keep your ratfaced head up...

-- WOW...Referree by guy in stripes, 18,000 in the crowd. Comrie for holding when in fact, I think he was tying his skates. In Erie. Powerplay Happy Feets.

-- GOOOOOAAAAAL!!! 2:35 to go! Alffie again! Short handed? Maybe. Millen says STANCHION. We DRINK!! WHEE!

-- End of the second, and if you look real close, you can almost see L'il Syddies bottom lip quivering. All is right with the world.

-- See you in the 3rd! I have to do my dishes now...

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