Thursday, April 5, 2007

Go Time Continued -- Notes from the 2nd Period

  •'s official. Colby Armstrong is a dick. First the run on Emery in the 1st. Then, drawing an interference penalty on Scheafer by flopping like a harpooned trout. Then a blown breakaway (nice hands jerk). Now a high stick. There's an apt saying in French: Il y a une face a bucher d'dans. Literally translated: His face is built for pounding. Coloquial? "Mr. McGratten? Paging Brian McGratten".

  • 4:20 -- HEATLY!! Goal #49!!!

  • 6:25 -- first "This game is getting SPICY!" from Dean Brown. We drink!

  • Chris Neil SMOKES Malkin then Whitney CREAMED by Dean McAmmond. Message? Not in Our House Bitch! Collin Campbell tsk-tsks quietly to himself.

  • Sens are really gettin' into Fleury's kitchen. My, my, but the young man does rattle, doesn't he?

  • Oh look! Leafs are losing!

  • Oh look! Habs are losing too!

  • Period is over, game tied 2-2. Still hate the Penguins. Roberts and Armstrong are still douches.

What's my wonderful, awful idea? Well, in a nutshell, and to quote Mel Gibson before his drunken anti-semetic ranting days (or at least before those days became public knowledge), I want to pick a fight. How is that going to happen?? I have some idea. Will I have a better idea after the 3rd? I certainly hope so. Do I curse the soul of Donald Rumsfeld for making the habit of asking yourself rhetorical questions and then answering them a way to stall for time in the face of a hostile audience the norm in a sound-bite world? You bet your ass I do!

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