Monday, April 2, 2007

Um…So North Korea Punches Iran In The Face. Remind Me Again Who I'm Supposed To Cheer For?

I cannot stand Sean Avery. I cannot stand players who play LIKE Sean Avery. Hell, I can barely tolerate players who play WITH Sean Avery, my propensity to assign guilt by association being that strong. He is the epitome of everything I consider wrong in a hockey playing primate.

You’ll often hear some homer sportscaster (Ed. – Bob Cole on line 1…) say something like “He really gets under the other team’s skin” or, even worse, “He’s the type of player every team hates to play against but would love to have!” to which I always add “Yeah. If only to be able to hold him down after practice and cave in his skull with a shovel”. You know the type I’m talking about…a big mouth, a spear here, a rabbit punch there, wail like a colicky baby any time someone touches you, then run behind your team’s tough guys if the other team comes looking for some payback. (Ed. – Claude Lemieux on line 2)

Well, I must say that I dislike Sean Avery slightly less today. Why? Why for this, of course. And the fact that as much as I don’t like Avery, I absolutely LOATHE Darcy Tucker…to an extent that borders on the pathological. Seriously. So in a scrap between the two of them? Let’s all just say “Go Great Leader!!” take a shower and be done with it.

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