Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Of Disasters and Deadlines

Things I don't have time for before puck drop against the Broons in twenty minutes, but will definitely touch upon in the coming four days because our next game, against the Flyers, is televised on Pay-Per-Screwed only and hence does not actually exist:
  • Still coming to grips with getting bitch slapped by the Laffs. Psychoanalysis expenses are piling up as I write this. Relax, Laff-heads, I'm not ducking you. I'll have my recap, complete with multiple derivations of the word "shit" soon. Parental discretion advised.
  • Martin Lapointe? Really? What, was Harold Snepts not available? And who let Mucks back into the building and then gave him unsupervised access to a telephone?
  • Hue-ETTE for...nothing. Was Gainey screwed by a certain Mr. D. Waddell? I think so.
  • I for one welcome our new Flightless Bird Overlords.
  • How, in the name of all that is holy, does John Paddock still have a job?
Okay gentlemen. The Deadline has come and gone. You're all (inexplicably) still here. How about you relax a tad, and go play some hockey? Hm? Yes? Hockey? You've heard of it? Super!


Anonymous said...

Except that HueT went to the Caps before Atlanta did the dirty deed with the Pens. No?

Senators Lost Cojones said...

Not sure, Anon. If I read between the lines of Gainey's TSN presser correctly, I think he traded HueT to clear the cap room because he thought he had a done deal for Hossa.

Then again, if nothing else, I do love starting delicious rumours. Especially when my team isn't involved.

Anonymous said...

Just that the implication of your phrasing makes it sound like he did it to screw ATL over by making Washington better. Hey, hindsight is 20/20...

Sorry that we got Hossa, but apparently Murray wouldn't give up the first-rounder. Enjoy your draft pick?

...Paddock been fired yet?

Senators Lost Cojones said...

*sniff*...smells like Pensblog... (I keed, I keed. If it is, I like you guys...honest)

Sorry, that's the trouble with bullets. I tend to mangle my semantics.

As the Broons are currently handing us our asses, I was hoping he'd get shitcanned between periods. No such luck.

PPP said...

It sure does seem like you are ducking us Leafers :)

Oh, we're the Laffs. I laffed in the first when Sundin opened the scoring. I Laffed in the second when MATT STAJAN! set up 3 goals. And I Laffed when Murray picked up Martin Lapointe.

Angry Guy said...

Be SOOOO glad you didn't get Hossa. The guy plays even worse than he did when he was originally with the Sens. He did alright last year, but this year, he's been pretty much a dismal failure, and from the seats, a lot of it is apparently intentional.

Sorry that my second favorite team (Sens) got "screwed", but glad they didn't get effed by The Don, if you know what I mean...

We're linking to you on our blog, BTW... We like you down here...

Glad Murray's back.