Tuesday, February 26, 2008

New York Times Plumbs Depths Of Internet For Quasi-Informed Snark. Hi Mom!

As I briefly alluded to last night, your humble scribe, in what must surely be considered one of the Seven Signs, has been asked by the kind editors of The New York Times hockey blog, Slapshot, to contribute to a feature they're running called "Hockey Night in Blogdome".

Here's the first installment relating to our division. Sure, it was posted at 1:26am. And subsequently buried by the flurry that is Deadline day. But, hey! It's the Times baby!

Anyway, the idea is to do this every couple of weeks or so, through the regular season and into the playoffs. Don't worry, I'll be tooting my own horn keeping both of my readers fully informed when anything new goes up.

I'd also very much encourage all of you to pay a visit to the respective sites of the other teams' bloggers. Lord knows, after hanging out here for a while, you could probably use a higher quality of discourse.

The New York Times. Pretty cool. Almost cool enough to make me forget about last night.

Update: While I can't keep up with all of the Deadline goodness swirling around the Sens here since, you know, I'm supposed to be working, rest assured I'm following the proceedings with baited breath. Example: Razor wasn't at practice today. Pre-emptive to a trade? Murray had him executed in the back lot following last night's debacle? Or maybe he just got lost on the way to the rink. Discuss amongst yourselves.


Loser Domi said...

hooray on the NYT thing!

PPP said...

Boo on now review of last night's game. Come on! YOUR ANGER IS ALL I WANT!!!

HabsFan29 said...

totally brilliant in the NYT. and totally over the heads im sure. well done.

Senators Lost Cojones said...

Thanks LD!

PPP: Oh, you'll get it. There is plenty to go around.

HF29: Thanks! I feel like the high school loser who somehow managed to hook up with the hot cheerleader. Not sure how it happened, but I sure as hell ain't letting go.

Holy crap I hated High School...

DC In YOW said...

Nice work SLC.

PPP said...

SCL - Now what you have to do is bang her as often as possible (on camera in order to prove it to your buddies) before the dementia wears off ;)

Good work at the NYT so far.