Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Montreal Canadiens, Come On Down!! You're The Next Contestants On "Please Kick Our Ass!!"

Apologies to all (Hi Mom!). After a rather crappy Saturday night (see below), Beloved and I spent most of Sunday cleaning house (note to self: Never host a Super Bowl Party again...) and when coupled with an epic Monday hangover (note to self: Hosting Super Bowl Parties means you don't have to drive! WEE! Oh, and HA-HA!! Suck it Belichek!), the result is two post-less days.

That said, I would be remiss if I didn't point out that we'll be hanging out with our fondest interweb compadres, Four Habs Fans for this evening's edition of Ass Rape The Sens. There's fifteen minutes before puck drop as I write this, so I should have just enough time to fetch my ball gag and ask for the safety word.

But one last note before I go, COACH. Dean MacAmmond has just finished an interview on Sportsnet's pre-game show. When asked about his 10 minutes per game ice time and being on the revolving door that has become the fourth line, he said, and I'm quoting directly "Well, it would be nice to play with the same guys all the time. It's easier to build a little chemistry that way." Just sayin'...asshole.

Update: 4-3 Habs final. Despite our valiant heroes' finally deciding to show up in the third period in order to mount a feeble, and futile, comeback from three goals down, we still lost. Our division lead is now down to one point. More tomorrow, but I must say, this was probably the worst game I've ever seen Wade Redden play. Somebody remind me when the trade deadline is again?

Oh...and Jason? Do me a favour? The next time you find yourself deep in your own zone, down by one, less than a minute to play, with our goalie on the bench, try not to get knocked off the puck like a bulimic 12 year old ringette player. Thanks. That'd be GREAT! Fuckstick.


Loser Domi said...

Ass Rape The Sens IS that anything like Curb Stomp the Leafs? We invented that. Is Curbstomp one word or two?
Oh...and Jason? Do me a favour? ...try not to get knocked off the puck like a bulimic 12 year old ringette player.

I don't even really know what Ringette is but this was a great sentence to read.

PPP said...

Ringette is as fey as it sounds. You play with a hockey stick that's had the blade cut off and you put it through a ring and play on hockey rinks without ice. It's hilarious.

Curbstomp should be one word. Not that you can speak after one.

Loser Domi said...

while I was typing "Curbstomp" as one word, it came up with the red line, meaning it's spelled wrong. It suggested "Curb stomp" But you're right, one word seems better.