Monday, February 11, 2008

If Erection Lasts For More Than Four Hours, Please Consult Your Physician

OH! Oh. Oh my heavens. Um...geez this is embarassing. Anybody got a towel? Anybody? How about an old gym sock?

The Ottawa Senators have shuffled the deck in a big way by completing a four-player transaction with the Carolina Hurricanes. The Senators have acquired defenceman Mike Commodore and forward Cory Stillman in exchange for defenceman Joe Corvo and forward Patrick Eaves. []

Three more Cup rings gets added to the roster, a potential replacement for Reds when he walks/gets pushed under a bus next summer and all it cost us was a guy we were going to lose to a ridiculous offer sheet anyway, and a bunch of ulcer inducing bad pinches, stupid penalties, and dumb-as-a-bag-of-hammers giveaways at the blue line.

But what makes this deal go from "pretty good" to "orgasmic" is the newly liberated cap space that now allows Bryan to sign a certain Swede and his bionic ankle.

As an aside, if the fine folks at Carolina On Ice want to borrow my "Trade Joe Corvo" tag, (and you will, possibly by the end of March), I'll be happy to oblige.

See ya Joe. Who knew you'd be more useful as trade bait than you were on the ice? Oh, that's right. Everybody. That's who.


HabsFan29 said...

And the rich get richer. On behalf of the FHF, we concede 1st in the East to you (and the beatdown had nothing to with it. ok maybe a little). Congrats!

and that Forsberg tag rules

WufPirate said...

Big Joe can't be any worse than the rest of our "Walking Canes" d-corps have been this year.

Enjoy the Ronald McDonald afro and Stillman the Traffic Cone.

Senators Lost Cojones said...

HF29: Not sure about "rich", but I'm happy to settle for "heavily mortgaged".

WufPirate: Thanks we will. Since The Captain retired Krusty the Klown, Ottawa has been sadly lacking in the "crazy playoff hair" category.

"Traffic cone", eh? Nope. Still happy with the deal. Unlike the pylon we gave you, Stillman doesn't have to play defence.

WufPirate said...

The whole "Traffic Cone" thing stems from his car wreck he had at the beginning of the season. He missed the first few games this year cuz he crashed his lexus outside the RBC.

I suppose you could say he's about a fast a skater as a traffic cone though.

BTW, Corvo looked good last night in Beantown. P/u an assist on Samsonov's goal.

Senators Lost Cojones said...

WufPirate: Oh great. Well, I guess that just about fills up our "Road Menace" quota. Between him and Rayzor, I'm staying off the 417 for a while.

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