Saturday, March 8, 2008

Kings 2, Sens 0 -- Please Follow Directions Printed Below

Step 1. -- Insert season in bowl.

Step 2. -- Activate green flush lever located at upper left.

Step 3. -- Act contrite and apologize profusely to fans, press and team. Insert shoulder shrugs and befuddled head scratching as appropriate.

Step 4. -- Giggle like self-absorbed schoolgirl on way to golf course/summer home/crack dealer.

You played the absolute worst team in the NHL, and quite possibly the worst team in all of hockey. You played the absolute worst team in the NHL who were also starting a rookie goaltender against you. And you couldn't even score, let alone win.

Forget about the division, gentlemen. That goal is no longer attainable. You are now five points out of oblivion. One of the most impressive collection of hockey talent ever assembled is now hell bent on missing the playoffs. And the only reason this will almost certainly happen, is that you just can't bring yourselves to give a shit.

Disgusting. Brutal. Inexcusable. Pathetic. Bastards.

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