Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Hour Three: In Which Our Hero Hangs A Single Pathetic Thread Of "Excitment" On Jose Theodore

So to wrap up hour three *sob*, the only earth shattering news is...Jose Theodore to the Caps (2yrs/$9M). Whither the Christo-Wall?? TSN (I've given up on trying to get updates from Sportsnet. They may as well be sending smoke signals for all I care) has small notes involving some guys named "Kurt Sauer" (Phoenix), "Mark Eaton" (Pens) and "Andrew Brunette" (Wild), but really...

Curiously, they have yet to acknowledge the Cujo deal on their site. A real deal, or just another tragic case of Cliff Fletcher talking to the office furniture? Discuss amongst yourselves.

Oh...and Bryan? I'd appreciate it if you could hurry it up a little bit. I've got a BBQ to go to in a couple of hours. Thanks.

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