Thursday, May 3, 2007

Hysterical Learnings For The Make Betterment To Glorious Nation Of Quebekistan

They, whoever the hell “they” are, say that we get the government we deserve. Until the 2004 U.S. Presidential elections, this was not a maxim in which I put much faith (sorry Yanks, but c’mon…you elected the guy again??). I now wonder what in the name of all that is holy did we Canucks, the peaceable and reasonably sane people we are, ever do to deserve this bunch of clowns.

OTTAWA (CP) - Hockey Canada officials launched an impassioned defence of their decision to appoint Shane Doan captain of Team Canada at the World Hockey Championships.
Hockey Canada chief Bob Nicholson told a parliamentary committee Thursday that a racial slur was certainly uttered during a 2005 NHL game but said it was not Doan who uttered it.

The surreal spectacle of hockey officials being grilled by politicians played out in a stately chamber on Parliament Hill, beneath a solemn portrait of the Fathers of Confederation.

The sheer volume of idiocy in this entire affair cannot but boggle the mind. Consider:

At the behest of the baying hounds on the Hill, Bob Nicholson flies from Russia (the cost of which it should be assumed, will be picked up by the taxpayer) to “explain” why Shane Doan was named captain of the national team.

The alleged slur against “those fucking frenchies” is almost two years old.

The NHL conducted it’s own investigation, again almost two years ago, and concluded that while they were fairly sure something to that effect had been uttered during the game, they were also fairly certain Doan didn’t say it.

Never the type of people to let the truth get in the way of histrionic hyperbole, federal members of Parliament demand an investigation. And here, we should note that the lead Hysteric is a member, while drawing a healthy salary from Canada, belongs to a party whose state aim is to break Canada into three easy pieces.

With the noxious fumes of a snap election wafting in the air, the other parties follow suit like lemmings over a cliff, and soon the torches and pitchforks are out all over Centre Block.

And finally, because I can’t make this point strongly enough: It has not been proven that Doan even said anything at all!

Leaving aside for the moment that one cannot make “racist” remarks against a group of people who don’t constitute an actual “race”; we have been treated to the sight of a private citizen, dragged through the mud for something he didn’t do for the political gratification and benefit of others.

I wanted to be funny. I truly did. And I tried really, really hard. But as I was writing this, my rage got ahead of me.

And so, on behalf of every right-thinking Canadian, I say this: I am ashamed. I am ashamed of the way Shane Doan has been treated. And I am ashamed to have voted for anyone in this group of self-serving, bottom-feeding, scum-sucking self agrandizing parasites who deign to call themselves Honourable Members.

Hockey Canada officials defend Doan's captaincy []

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