Thursday, May 31, 2007

Deptartment Of Vaguely Disturbing Yet Surprisingly Apt Photography

The picture you see here was swiped from’s gallery (coverage so in-depth they’ve posted 8 whole pictures over both games. But I digress.) Considering what the Ducks have done to us so far, I’d say the angle is about bang on, wouldn’t you?

Much has been made today about Joe Corvo’s pirouette on the winning goal last night. And, yes, while it is preferable for one to actually face one’s opponent in these kinds of situations (or even better, put him on his ass), the goat horns aren’t entirely his alone. As Alan Muir points out:

In fact, it was a lazy turnover at the offensive blueline by Heatley -- one of 11 committed by the trio that night -- and a baffling free pass granted to Pahlsson by Alfredsson that allowed the Anaheim center to carry the puck 100 feet before punctuating the victory.

I would go a little further back than that, all the way to Spezza's lazy ass pass to Heatly through (of course) the middle. Heater couldn't handle it cleanly, hence the turnover. During last year's playoffs, I told everyone who would listen that Jason would someday cost us the Cup. Turns out, I may have been a year early.

To my fellow Sens Heads: Go easy on Joe. The last time he screwed up this badly, it took him six weeks to get back to normal. Stanley Cup Finals? He may actually go postal

Oh, and Alfie? Messier would’ve taken the penalty. Just sayin’…

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