Friday, January 2, 2009

Tavares vs. Hedman...Who Ya Got?

You're The Bryan. You've finally listened to reason and blown up the team, having given up on the twin pipe dreams of squeaking into the playoffs as the #8 seed and the ensuing first round sweep.

So now, after playing your cards just right you find yourself sitting in a Montreal strip club pondering next day's draft ("Why yes, Bambi, that IS the first overall pick in my pocket. Why do you ask?").

One is some hybrid scoring machine/uber-leader, genetically engineered from DNA harvested from the sweat of old Mark Messier jerseys, and Steve Yzerman's discarded teeth.

The other is a giant Scandinavian mutant, a young Zedno Chara without the hands of stone or the blazing speed of a beached ocean liner.

You know your team can't score, or stop anybody from scoring on your team.

Tavares or Hedman. Who ya got?


Martin said...

I'd lean towards JT, then make a massive pitch for JayBo. Would we have the cap room though?

wrap around curl said...

I got Jared Cowen, who for some reason was not invited to even try out for Team Canada. Cow Cow is my boy.

Baroque said...

I'd go Hedman - but I have a weakness for Swedish defensemen. :)

Tavares is amazing, but having a good defense makes the goalies look better, and any offensive player is useless if you can't get him the puck in a good position.

Baroque said...

P.S. I was involved in a discussion involving Hedman on PPP, where it was decided that he doesn't play like Pronger at all because he doesn't have the physicality - just the height. He sounds much more like a taller Nick Lidstrom - and that has worked out pretty well for the Red
Wings the last few years.

Senators Lost Cojones said...

@Martin: IIIIInteressssting... I'm leaning to JT as well, but for that to work, we'd have to keep Giggles. Otherwise, we're no further ahead. And assuming any "blow up" would include Fish and his 4.2M cap hit, JayBo could fit, especially after (finally!) shedding Pastry's contract come 1 July.

@WAC: Just thought you'd like to know, I'm currently fashioning a life size statue of Dustin Tokarski out of tin foil for my living room. TAKE THAT, YOU STINKIN' RUSSIANS!!

@Baroque: A 20 year old Nik Lidstrom would be very nice. Very nice indeed.

Anonymous said...

I'd rather see hedman here, although getting either is a pipe dream unless we trade for the pick we just aren't bad enough. Having said that, I think #1 overall is Tavares, he's just too good to pass on. Either way, whoever has the second overall pick will not be disappointed. Either of these two would be well worth giving up serious assets for. I think Hedman is a better fit here. Tough call. Hopefully BM will have to make a choice at the upcoming draft.

Winstrol said...

Oh, what I would do!