Sunday, January 20, 2008

Hi Steve. Remember Us?

Hi Steve. Been awhile eh? Too long, I think. Your having to serve a twenty game suspension before hiding in the minors for our first game against the Flyers will do that. But you can't duck us forever.

Did you think we'd forget? Were you hoping that, perhaps with the passage of time, we would eventually chalk up your asshattery to youthful inexperience and put it behind us? Not fucking likely.

I don't care if we win tonight. I don't care if we lose. The only thing I care about as I watch this game is how much of your blood is pooled on the ice at the end of it, and how long it takes Philadelphia's finest medical staffs to sew your battered carcass back together. How disgusting! the self-righteous will scream. Barbaric! will come the cry from a clueless media commentariat. Well, guess what Steve? We don't care about that either.

Hockey fans, real red-blooded born-and-raised-on-the-game fans know that sooner or later, you have to answer for what you did. And God willing, tonight you will.

Buckle up asswipe. It's go time.

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