Monday, October 8, 2007

Game 4: Sens 4, Devils 2 -- The Highs, The Lows, The Creamy Middle

The New Jersey Devils have never been accused of having a distinct personality. Try a little word association, just for fun. Ready? Go. Flyers=Pain. Sabres=Speed. Habs=Ghosts. Oilers=Lunch Pail. Okay, that was two words.

Devils? Um...Borg. Seriously, look at that picture and tell me you can't see Lou Lamoriello. Paint him gray, stick some wires into his skull, and presto. We are the Devils. You will be assimilated. Sorry Lou, not today. And yes, I have a bit of a nerd streak. Why do you ask?

The Highs:
  • Another win and we're now 4-0-0. The game's first star goes to the new HD overhead camera that caught Redden's game winner. This makes luddites like me feel very conflicted.

  • Vermette-Kelly-Neil. These guys were everywhere and easily the highest energy line on the ice, with the payoff coming with Kelly's first of the year. I will refrain from a raging case of the I-told-ya-so's for the time being. You're welcome.

  • Four games in, and we're still clicking at a 100% penalty kill, with a shorty thrown in for fun. The competition committee is looking into allowing teams to decline penalties NFL-style.
The Lows:
  • Four games in, and we're choking on 2-for-21 Power Play. Lots of pretty passes. Quite a few shots that come within eight feet of the goalie. Trouble is, the nets are six feet wide.

  • Let's see. Three frames, each of twenty minute duration, game will last...carry the two...thirty-seven minutes. Yeah. That's gotta be right, because that's about how long the team has actually played over the first four games. Rumours that a wily and elusive creature known as the "Second Period" has been sighted at Scotiabank Place remain unconfirmed.

  • We have three more games against New Jersey to sit through. Stock up on the No-Doze.
The Creamy Middle:

Despite having yet to play an entire game, we're 4-0. I realize I'm flirting with "apologist" status, but I repeat...this is October. But if you guys could find a way to actually play the second period, that would be great.

One more point of concern that bears watching is Gerber's total disregard of Newton's First Law. Gerbs, you got into trouble last year because you would come across your crease to make the first save, then let the momentum carry you halfway to the side boards while that nice juicy rebound sat in your crease. And you're doing it again.'s that wrist doing there Rayzor?

Up Next: The Sens travel to Atlanta on Wednesday night. There's no t.v. for this one, so I'll have to rely on my own imagination in order to picture the tears running down Marian Hossa's face as he gazes longingly into the Ottawa bench, imagining what might have been.


Jaredoflondon said...

The Devils personality in one word

TJ said...

Come on man. Can you really complain about Gerber? Fact is he is playing great.

He still slides out of his crease, and it scares me, but its working for him. Its like him and the D have an agreement on it, because they are always right there when he does it.

What concerns me most about this team in the PP. That needs to get going.

Senators Lost Cojones said...

TJ: Sorry, can't agree with you there. He's not playing great. The D is covering the rebounds better than they did last year, but it's not by any sort of agreement. More like, they would rather not lose, if it's all the same to Gerbs. I have zero confidence in this guy. Never thought I'd say this, but Ray can't come back soon enough.

Jared: And yet his wife is rather, as the kids say, hot. As Past President of my HS A/V club, I can only quiver in impotent rage.

TJ said...

Oh come on. Emery is as bad if not worse with rebounds, and the D did the exact same thing for him.

When Emery plays well its all him, when Gerber does it its the team.

When Emery plays badly its the team, when Gerber does it its all him.