Monday, October 8, 2007

Game 3: Sens 2, Rangers 0 -- The Highs, The Lows, The Creamy Middle

Coming in, this was, somewhat ludicrously touted as a possible preview to next spring's Eastern Conference Final. I say "ludicrous" since we all know that in no way will Jaromir choose to exert himself at a time of year when New York is so lovely.

The Highs:
  • Another Gerber win, this time by shut-out. We're through the looking glass here people. There are smoke and mirrors everywhere, but I for one, welcome our new puck stopping sorcerer overlord.

  • The hysterical train wreck that was the Rangers' line change that led directly to Alfie's goal. Forget the skating and passing drills Coach Renney. You might instead, want to try "How to get on and off the bench without crashing into each other" at your next practice.

  • Chris Neil welcoming Sean Avery. Every once in a while, Karma smiles, and when she does, you'd better be ready for it. I'll even forgive the crap elbowing call because it was a) well, crap and b) Sean Avery.

  • Coach's Corner and Grapes calling out Downie for his hit on McAmmond. That was about the last thing I expected from His Bombasticness. I wonder how it would have played had it been Tucker instead of Downie.
The Lows (all to do with the CBC coverage, oddly enough):
  • Speaking of which...Grapes fellating Darcy Tucker to the point of laryngitis. A long and very squeaky rant directed at Paul Maurice on the injustice of biblical proportion to be found in only playing Tucker for six minutes in the Laffs loss to Ottawa on Thursday night. Here's a hint Don: Even little rat-faced ankle biting fucksticks like Tucker get slow with age.

  • Don Whitman had a rather rough night. He said "Roseval" when referring to Lundqvist (an interesting mistake, considering only one of them is the goalie), called the score as 3-0 Ottawa at one point in the third, and mangled a Harry Neale quote, which Don attributed to Punch Imlach so badly I had to change the channel to stop the giggleshits. And did I mention that Neale was sitting right beside him?
  • Note to Nancy Lee, despotic tsarina of CBC Sports: Please put the Nickleback/Kid Rock cover of "Saturday Night's Alright For Fighting" back in the opening. It's the one good decision you've made in your entire tenure with Mother Corps. Otherwise, the only thing you'll be remembered for is the classy way you rid yourself of Brian Williams and Chris Cuthbert, and almost firing Ron MacLean. How'd that work out for ya?
The Creamy Middle:

Confident, hard skating, physical with a tighter defence, the Sens played a much better game than the previous two. You could argue that, if the first three games are any indication, Ottawa's developing an alarming tendency to play down to the level of their opponents, but again, it's October. I fully expect to bear witness to numerous 8-0 curbstompings of lesser teams as the season goes on.

Up Next:

The New Jersey Devils come to town for a Turkey Day matinee. In case you're wondering, the black armband Martin Brodeur is wearing is a tribute to Scott Gomez and the tragic demise of the last vestige of offence remaining in the Swamp. As an added bonus, Lou Lamoriello may well fire a coach or two between periods, just to keep things interesting.

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