Monday, October 8, 2007

Around The Boards: Opening Weekend Goodness

If there is one thing I’ve learned (or had pointed out by kind hearted friends) since birthing the squealing infant that is Five For Smiting way back in March of aught seven, it’s that there are many, many, many folks much more talented than I out there in the hockey blogosphere. Hence, I give you Around The Boards, a weekly(ish) round up of what my betters are talking about:

Infinitely more interesting, funny and witty than the term "Lawyers" would ordinarily indicate, Four Habs Fans has become one of the must-stops on my tour of these here internets. It seems Les Glorieux suffered some sort of set back on Saturday night, and the boys at FHF are taking it about as well as one would expect. (And I'm totally swiping that picture).

Hextall454, one of the fine contributors to Melt Your Face-Off, is rather disappointed Senor Gomez decided to sign on Broadway this off-season, rather than Philly. But his mom may be downright homicidal about it.

New Canucks blog, The Humming Giraffe (worth a mention for the name alone) shares some thoughts on Opening Night. Now if we could only get them to explain those jerseys for us...

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Don't forget, today is a day to be thankful, eat until you puke, drain your grandparents liquor cabinet and stumble around giving awkward hugs to your hot second-cousin. What? It isn't like that everywhere else?

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HabsFan29 said...

We always seek to rise above the other members of the Bar. Since we can't do it with law, we do it with wit and strippers. Or witty strippers.

We are humbled by your link, future overlord with pudding.