Wednesday, August 29, 2007

In No Way Can This Be Misconstrued. Nope. Not At All

Every hockey fan knows (or if you don’t you’re about to find out) that each member of the Stanley Cup winning team gets a day with the Cup during the off season to do with what he pleases. And of course, as professional hockey players the world over are renowned for their maturity, clarity of thought and general all around genius, this has led to the Cup being kicked into the Rideau Canal, used as a horse trough and spending time at the bottom of a swimming pool (among other less distinguished incidents). Carrying on this fine tradition, we present Temmu Selanne and his whirlwind tour of Finland with its mountains so lovely and treetops so tall.
In Finland, the concept of a sauna is a much-loved part of everyday life, and a Stanley Cup celebration screamed 'SAUNA' to the men at Selanne’s party. The orange-shirted fans, doffing their recognized attire, clambered into the sauna, followed by a few others. Selanne briefly brought the Stanley Cup in with him.
Now personally, if I were in possession of the Holy of Holies, sitting in a hot room crammed…ahem…cheek-to-cheek with a bunch of sweaty naked guys would probably not be the way I would choose to celebrate. But that’s just me.

So party on Temmu! But jeez, would it have killed you to go to a strip club?

p.s.: Special thanks to the geniuses at Battle of Ontario for the pic. Apparently, the NHL isn’t quite as metro as Stanley and has since removed it.

Stanley Cup Jounal [NHL Connect]

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HabsFan29 said...

Finnish culture or no Finnish culture, that photo is just wrong. If you wanna get naked and sweaty with a bunch of guys and the gift of Lord Stanley, do it in the locker room at least. Yeesh.