Monday, August 6, 2007

Around The Boards: Hockey Blogs + August = Fun With Filler!

If there is one thing I’ve learned (or had pointed out by kind hearted friends) since birthing the squealing infant that is Five For Smiting way back in March of aught seven, it’s that there are many, many, many folks much more talented than I out there in the hockey blogosphere. Hence, I give you Around The Boards*, a weekly round up of what my betters are talking about:

Patrice Brisebois returns and Habs fans couldn’t be happier! [Four Habs Fans]

The key to Kansas City hockey? Twinkies! [Melt Your Face Off]

I for one, welcome our new Puck Bunny Overlords. [Dear Lord Stanley]

Scotty Bowman may, or may not, be finished screwing with JFJ’s head. [Behind The Jersey]

Don’t make me go Alex Trebek on your ass. [Hockey Ladies Of Greatness]

*Five For Smiting LLC would like to point out that while this feature is a blatant ripoff of Deadspin’s daily Blogdome, it is meant as more of an homage than easy filler. Really. Totally.


HabsFan29 said...

Bwah! No way we're more talneted than you, but in Yao-translation-speak we humbly accept your magnificent linkage of our site and sincerely hope to continue our glorious relationship.

Were all paying homage to Daddy. If you start babbling about the Cardinals though, we're outta here

Twitch said...

Not to worry. While the internecine subtleties of baseball loyalties escapes me (hey, when did Ozzie Smith retire??), I'll always hold a special place in my satire for the Habs and those poor souls who love them. I tease because I care, and would accept nothing less in return.