Thursday, August 9, 2007

Spezza To Be Horribly Crushed From Above Somehow

Fantasy League GMs take note: do not draft Jason Spezza this year. After a wildly successful 2006-2007, a rumoured mild slump mid June-ish which we've managed to expunge from memory (thank you beer!) notwithstanding...our very own poster child for the maddeningly talented yet infuriatingly inconsistent, has successfully begged to be been selected as the cover boy for NHL 2K8.

For Spezza, appearing on the cover of the box is a bit of a dream come true. The Ottawa Senators centre is an avid video game player and has been playing hockey related video games for as long as he can remember. The company said it was Spezza's rabid interest in video gaming that prompted them to use him on the NHL 2K8 cover.
We all know what this means of course. Following in the limping footsteps of Marshall Faulk, Donovan McNabb, Stephen Alexander and yes, even that sub-human dog murdering goat molester from Atlanta, Jason will suit up for the first Senators pre-season game...and get run over by the Zamboni in warmups. And just like that, *poof*, his season is finished.

On the upside, if Take2Interactive, the game's producers and the responsible, caring corporate citizens who brought us such wholesome entertainment as Grand Theft Auto and Bully, stay true to form, our boy Spezz should play a whole lot tougher in the game than he does in reality. Who knows, maybe his digital alter-ego might show Jason how to back check, or better yet, where the corners are.

But a word of advice Jason: if Sports Illustrated comes calling, hide under the bed until they go away.


kristin said...

Ooh I can't wait to see what happens! Not that I want anything to happen, I just like to see when these sports jinxes come true!

Jaredoflondon said...

my guess is another grocery incident, this time he gets run over by a wayward shopping cart.