Saturday, February 21, 2009

Habs 5, Sens 3: I See Your Clouston Effect, And Raise You The Suck

Let this be a lesson to you. No one man can possibly stand against a tide of 23 lazy, no skating, no hitting, USELESS bags of dicks determined to incite me to violence.

Hey! Who's up for a bag skate?!?!


Canucnik said...

"Not ready to play!"

The cheapshot Habs, I think the dirtiest F&*^%$# Team in the League, one minor penalty in Pittsburg on the road, one minor penalty today until they are ahead 4-0. What gives??

Where are all those brain dead experts, I include the Sen's brain trust, the writers and the broadcasters, who thought this was a great idea to expose Brian Elliott to this collection of defencemen and clueless forwards.
Kick the kid in the arse and steal his confidence. "Let's see what ya got kid!" Chery would be proud!

Enjoyed watching Comrie!

Really enjoyed watching Campoli, he's a keeper, best skill to pay check in the league

Quote from Dean: Smith can't get it out; Smith can't get it out; Smith can't gat it out; Smith shoots it up the center on a line change and is immediately counter attacked by Mathew Schnider." It was so bad the that the old guy in Montréal who counts shots (He's accurate.) had to charge #21 with 4 turn overs. A first this year. That's 14 of 18 of the first goals scored on us, that's veteran leadership. On for 3 of the 5 gaols against. If you are trying to cover two guys don't leave your feet; (This is Pee Wee stuff) if you do leave your feet make sure you get the puck because if you don't everyone is fucked!

Campoli is good but only Bell can cary Smith, he looks him off. Did you see the look Campoli gave Smith after the third goal!

Anonymous said...

"cheapshot Habs"?

I was wondering how long it would take for Ottawa to get called for hitting from behind. It finally happened in the second, after the Sens got away with it twice in the first.

Don't be calling a team you hate cheapshots when it's your team that can't keep up.

Canucnik said...

To "cheapshot Habs": Let me break it out for you.

In a fair game the Canadiéns are about 28th in the league in raw skill.

The Habs are so dirty they have to commit the same foul twice to draw a penalty. For if the ref called 'em all the box would be full all night.

The Home Call for Montréal in the first 20 games the imbalance was so bad even the League noticed.

The "Gift" in Ottawa on the "Fantome" call. Another "W".

THE ALL TIME ROAD RECORD for PP's unanswered at MSG Vs the Rangers on a Sunday afternoon.

Finally that cheapshot Komaseric should never been allowed to prosper but he did into a fair defenceman however lately he has lost a step and reverted back to being a grevious foul on every shift guy! Again!

If it weren't the "Hundredth" these boys don't make the playoffs.

Tom said...


Too funny.

Maybe you forget the game earlier this year where they faced the Hurricanes, and the powerplays were 11-2 in favour of Carolina.

I could point out plenty of games where Montreal were given way too many penalties against the other team (for example, like in November against the Sens, when the Senators had five powerplays to Montreal's one).

As for the phantom call, I'm sure Ottawa has never had the benefit of a call. No, that never happens to the Senators. They don't get any breaks.

Anyways, you can whine all you want. The point is Montreal is 4-0 against the Sens this year, and is in the hunt for a playoff spot.

And no amount of complaining about the reffing (no matter how wrong you are) is going to change that fact.

Number31 said...

Actually...the Canadiens had more penalties than the Sens. It was a pretty long list. (Habs 12, Sens 9 with two fighting majors on each side)

Canucnik said...

To Tom & Number31:

Have either of you ever Officiated or observed a well officiated game?
When Team C gets the required 4 goal lead it's time to "even up the penalty minutes" for the current game and the fact that it's game 60 and there is such an imbalance required to get the Habs through to the play offs, they'll need a buffer.

The current Montreal slump is directly attributable to the advantage (Numerique) being called off!

The player behavior is starting to reflect the general bad behavior of the fans singing "Olé" too early and at the wrong time and generally looking like a French (Parisienne) Foot Ball crowd. On the road there are not making you guys any friends either!

So sit back and enjoy the "Fix" because with out it even Guy Lafleur couldn't help you guys!

Tom said...

Sounds like a lot of jealousy coming through.

Keep it up.


Senators Lost Cojones said...

All right gentlemen, that's enough. Tap gloves and head to neutral corners or take it outside.

Canucnik: There are enough things to blame for yesterday, we don't need to hang it on the refs. Just off the top of my head, the refs didn't stand around picking their asses while the Habs jumped out to a four goal lead.

Tom: Play nice lest you anger the karma gods. Your team has problems of it's own (most of them with names that end in vowels). You don't need to go poking wounded bears with a stick. Remeber, we won't be bottom feeders forever.

Now hug it out.

Canucnik said...

Former Habs fans don't hug! We go and get the cut stitched up!

I feel like we got "Squeezed"; they got the "release" this is not small town envy, this is an experienced gambler's feel for a fix!

WRowanH said...

Jeebus, when did we turn into Leafs fans?

Do you know, that wasn't that bad of a game to watch: I for one kept on thinking a comeback was at least possible. Which is not how I would have felt pre-Clouston.

So we've got that going for us, which is nice.

Tom said...

I'm not too worried about the karma gods. Actually, Ottawa reminds me a lot like the Montreal Canadiens in their sucky time (circa 1995 to 2007). Not good enough to make the playoffs, but not bad enough to get a high draft pick.

If you're going to suck, you may as well suck like Pittsburgh did for the last seven years, getting all those high draft picks.

Senators Lost Cojones said...

If you're going to suck, you may as well suck like Pittsburgh did for the last seven years, getting all those high draft picks.

Tom, believe me when I say I really wish they would. And after Saturday's abortion, it certainly looks like they're trying.