Saturday, February 28, 2009

Leafs 4, Sens 3 (OT): I Am DONE With Jason Spezza

Take him. I don't give a rat's ass what the hell you offer us, just take him. I have had it.

Eight years...EIGHT...since you were drafted. Fifth year in the Bigs. Eight million a year. And you're still an idiotic, uncoachable, infuriating waste of ice time I wouldn't trust to look after my dog. Ever wonder why your name never comes up when people talk about the leaders on this team? Watch this tape. Then watch a tape from your rookie year. You remember that one, right? That was the year you bitched and whined because Jacques Martin said you were a boy playing in a man's league. What do you see? That's right. You see the same mistakes over and over and over again. EIGHT GODDAMN YEARS!!

So which is it, Princess? Do you just not care? Or is it because you're about as smart as a bag of fucking rocks? Are you lazy, or are you stupid? My money is on both.

We lost, and it's your fault. We lost to THE FUCKING LEAFS!! And it's all on you. Thanks for that. Not content with taking two lazy ass hooking penalties, the last of which cost us the tying goal, you have to go an put one IN OUR OWN FUCKING NET!! The HELL?!? We don't have enough problems, you have to go and score on your own guys??

Fuck you, Jason. Eat it. Eat it, and get the hell out. Bryan, trade this piece of crap for everything you can get. Time to lance this fucking boil.


Anonymous said...

That hooking in the third was the weakest hooking call i have ever seen. While there are plenty of arguements one would be done with Spezza he got shafted there

Anonymous said...

Sing it, SLC, Sing it. See ya Spez.

Buck Shotte said...

Well it could have been worse....

um, no it couldn't

If we finally get a lucky bounce this year it will end with the sPez dispenser taking home game opening faceoffs at 10:30 eastern.

~Buck Shotte
(printing off the counterfeit twenny as I write)

Canucnik said...

"And now for something completely different!"

When the "Big Team" is this bad and don't know it,they murder their young!

After 4 game scratches you put Picard back in... for four minutes. What gives?
Cor are you starting to label guys after two shifts?

Give up 38 shots to a horse sh*t Leaf team in your rink on a Saturday Night. 22 Scoring Chances.

The experiment is over we have Brian Elliott believing he's not ready. I concur he is certainly not ready to play behind this defence. Eli do you wish the "Marseillaise"...It should be your neck.

And for GW, the hardest working propagandist in the league. Now colluding with his sometime partner to lead us to believe that the old cowboy they watch night after night flub around is somhow on the mend.

That's 16 of the "Last" 20 first goals of the game, for a defencive defenceman who creates absolutely no offence that is completely unacceptable.

Played 20+ minutes but was on the ice for 19 of the 38 shots on our goal...Completely unacceptable.

Since becomimg a reguler penalty killer he has murdered the PK kill percentage. On there again tonight, too high, lagging the play, out of position.

For the first time in three games, he got his stick blade on a one timer. 33% is not acceptable in the Show!

Some of those Leaf forwards must have thought they were Henrik Zettererg the way they recovered the puck off #21 in his corner.

So boys, spare us the false compliment, if you can't pick him as a star don't tell me how hard he worked, for I also have taped and watched the game.

Finally, I don't mind them getting the extra point I think it was Spezza's job to insure that tonight. (Joke... Jason)

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Anonymous said...

Does Spezza have a chance to play on team Canada in the future? Criticized for not having a complete game and not "competing" every night many people discount his abilities. Do you think Spezza will mature as a player and be able to raise the success rate of his high-risk & high-talent style? Ottawa fans give Jason a rough ride, but a simple reminder of his stats in recent years demonstrates his worth:

2005-06: 68 GP with 90 pts
2006-07: 67 GP with 87 pts
2007-08: 76 GP with 92 pts

Although his numbers have dropped this season, whose hasn't on the Sens? People calling for a Spezza trade has a odd resemblance in circumstance to Boston trading Thorton. I'm not saying that Spezza is the next Thorton, but when he plays at top level, dam is he good.

It seems as though Spezza jerseys are less common than Sundin jerseys at Sens games.

Also Boston is a great team now, but the chances of rebuilding a team of that caliber stemming from a Spezza trade seems highly unlikely (ex: there is only 1 Zdeno Chara).

Finally, use sensical arguments for your wanting to move Spezza. "Fuck you Jason. Eat it. Eat it.." and whining about how he was still a kid when he first entered the league doesn't cut it.

Pension Plan Puppets said...

I think complaining that Giggles has yet to learn anything on the defensive side of the puck is a pretty good argument. He still makes the exact same drop pass turnovers at the blueline that should make your blood boil that he made when he was a bright-eyed and whiny teenager. The only thing that has changed during that time is that Spezza has figured out how to score points against the crappy teams during the regular season. So much so that he's convinced some fans that that is good enough.

Michael said...

Time to trade him to Tampa Bay for their glorious run for the cup.

Mike said...

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Eugene said...

So emotional.. Easy, man!

Amanda said...

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