Tuesday, February 3, 2009

And If I'm Wrong, May We All Be Horribly Crushed From Above Somehow

From my keyboard to God's ear...we will win tonight. You have already born witness to my prodigious prognostigatory powers, so doubt me at your peril.

Not only will we win, but we will crush the Kings. The Captain will consume them with lightning bolts from his eyes and fire from his arse. Or is it the other way around? Not sure, haven't seen the movie in a while.

The rest of the boys will come out like someone crammed their colons full of rocket fuel. Los Angeles may not survive the experience. Not just the team. The entire city.

A new coach will do that for ya. After that? We will return you to your regularly scheduled programming.

Oh, and one last thing...the next headline writer to make pithy and oh-so-clever Apollo XIII references by rhyming "Clouston" with "Houston" gets my laptop jammed up the urethra.

Puck drop at 7:30, SportsNet East for your viewing pleasure. Be there.

1 comment:

Canucnik said...

Big Call!! The first time all year they should be a puck and half.

Cory has never seen Fish up close when he's on. Foligno and Clouston old buds (good for the ice time.)

Brian Elliott has a big bounce back game (I hope!) but remember this is not Great 8 & the Caps.