Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Sens 3, Slugs 1: Kerry Fraser Can Suck It

Thirteen Buffalo power plays. Roughly five of which were deserved. Until tonight, I had no idea a triple minor was even possible.

So what does that tell us? First: Since they made him put on a helmet, Kerry Fraser has decided to use his whistle to maintain his centre-of-the-universe status. Second? Next time Gator should just say "Fuck it" and break Koleta in half.

No time for a full recap as we're right back at it tomorrow night against the Flyers and I really have to go to bed. After all, this is a school night and Her Majesty demands my full attention come morning. Look for a special, combined Creamy Middle on Friday, chalk full of ranty goodness.

In the meantime Sens fans, just for fun, look back on the last four games and ask yourselves "What if?"


Canucnik said...

Senator's Lost Cojones:

What if??? Weather it's game 1 or game 52, the game is goaltending and defence!!! What can you say we should be in 3rd place behind Boston and the Caps. Who put the initial game (Season) plan together. The bastards should be horse whipped!

Easy listening; GW asked a pertenant question and stays out of the way! You could actually sit back and listen to Coach Clouston and Tim Murray give you an explanation and finish their thought.

Fair commentary on Jason 21 (Gator)but when you take 16 minutes in one swath and they don't miss you (No goals scored against)?? Good moves (three) on Kaleta, but ya shoulda hurt that prick!

Gord I know you are a goalie and those wheels of yours are ready to go at all times BUT if you are a Forward not killing penalties and our guys take 14, your legs feel like rubber all night long (There is nothing you can do to stay warm, contrary to what that pee wee coach says about going out between whistles.) So stay off #71, Nick is going better than most on most nights and has been the best lately. We love the guy and will not tolerate your unfair criticism.

Conversely, if I am Antoine and I have personally just killed 14 penalties giving up one goal all night on a 5 on 3 goal, I'd say Mr. Wilson go wash your mouth out with soup for being so black and white on a tough night, it's almost like you are not telling the whole story to support "your" opinion.

Seeing as I am on your case tonight practices are important but no team has ever won a game at practice and you have heard and told us over and over again practice means nothing. Kindly refrain from constantly talking about Cory's fast practice, we have heard all about it.

"Chum" better watch out he might get a bite!! And a Play Off Run!

The Habs are "toast" (In the post season but done!), I hate to say it but they have received the "Home Call" early, the "Road Call" at 20 games (The NHL Road Record @MSG); that Gift Game here without a make up game in return. LA Kings get in the throat late in Montreal, it's gone on all of this 100th season (I'm hoping it's the curse of Olé is apon them!)enough with the Zebras already.

We think Buffalo are done!

Observation 101. It is amazing how well the defence plays when they have a decent goaltender to defend!!~

Observation 201. It is amazing how good a goaltender looks when his defence clears shooting lanes and lets him see the puck!!

Exactly!! What if?

Jaredoflondon said...

Kerry Fraser is pure evil