Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Quick Hits: Because Saturday Night NEVER HAPPENED! Get it?

So, who gets to keep the credenza?: Channelling his inner home wrecker, Coach Craig plays a vigorous game of Line Blender and just like that, Danon Spezley are no more. Thought #1 when this flashed through my inbox? Meh. Sure as hell can't hurt to try since nothing else is working. Thought #2? This lasts two periods. At the most.

I'm sorry Martin, but I'm just not that into you: The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, expecting a different result. In completely unrelated news, Pastry gets his fourth straight start.

Suddenly, Sens fans pine for the robust physicality of Riccard Persson: Memo to Filip Kuba. Um...you do realize this is a contact sport, right? You'd better start hitting something. Anything. Please? Hell, start with the stick boy, and work your way up.

Toronto! Now 100% More Obnoxious!: The best part of my own little alternate universe in which Toronto has two teams? Imagining the anguished, 100 years-in-the-making howls of futile rage from Leaf Nation as the Oshawa Pud Wankers bring their twelve die-hard fans to ecstatic Nirvana while parading the 2067 Stanley Cup around the parking lot of Scarborough Town Centre.

Florida at the Bank tomorrow night (7:00p.m., TSN). Help control the pet population. Have your panther spayed or neutered. Do it! Or Pierre McGuire will yell at you.

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