Saturday, October 25, 2008

Notepad Chicken Scratch -- Leafs 3, Sens 2: Worst Senators Team Ever? Discuss.

You wouldn't think so, would you? On paper, we have to be better than the '92-'93 team, right? You remember them. Won 10 games all year. Didn't win a road game until the end of March. They were so bad that the League was convinced they threw the last game of the season for the privilege of taking...*cough*...Alexandre Daigle first overall. Of course, now, everybody knows we weren't good enough to fix games.

So why are the feelings exactly the same? Could it be the ridiculous number of shots we give up? Could it be that once the opposition scores a goal, I'm convinced the game is over because we have NO FUCKING OFFENCE?? Or, could it be we have the slowest, dumbest, softest goddamn defence ever to curse an Ottawa crease? Yeah, mostly that one.

The Creamy Middle to follow soon as I wash the bile from my mouth. And apropos of nothing...Gator, consider yourself officially on notice.

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Anonymous said...

I agree 100 percent - this is the worst Sens team I have seen since leaving the Civic Centre.