Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Captain Loves Us, And Wants Us To Be Happy

Other than those impossibly cute six-year-olds-falling-all-over-the-ice Tim Horton's commercials, not much surrounding hockey chokes me up anymore. And, in this modern age of Me-First pro athletes, there's even less that justifies and rewards my scant and ever decreasing faith in those who play the game we watch and obsess over. Today, some of that was restored.
The Senators announced today they've signed their captain to a four-year contract extension believed to be worth $21.6 million that includes a "no-movement" clause, which will allow the 35-year-old to finish his career in an Ottawa uniform.
As Sens Army points out, The Captain accepted a rather large hometown discount in order to stay with the team that took a sixth round flyer on a skinny kid from Gothenburg. And all he's done for us in return is...everything.

Sorry, Mr. Finnigan, but would you mind terribly if we asked you to move over a bit? We're going to need the room in the rafters.


Meaghan said...

If I ever happened to see Alfie on the street, I would be very tempted to give him a big hug. I figure in that scenario I would be the weird guy in Wayne's World who goes around telling everyone he loves them, and Alfie would be Garth.

WRowanH said...

The vast gulf between Yashin and Alfie is made even more apparent with each passing day.