Friday, June 20, 2008

Welcome Erik! Because You Can Never Have Too Many Undersized Swedish Teens!

I'm going to need a little time to digest this one. Erik Karlsson. Pierre McGuire calls him "the Swedish Brian Rafalski". I'm assuming that doesn't mean he's out of shape and overpaid.

If you asked any Sens fan what it was we needed the most out of this draft, the answer would have been "an assassin". The second answer? A big, mean, Pull Out Your Spleen Through Your Anus And Eat It With A Nice Chianti While Crushing Your Spine defenceman. We get...Erik. Erik weighs 157 pounds. I haven't weighed 157 pounds since Grade 10.

The Bryan began his post-draft interview with the following sentence: "To win in today's NHL...". Did I mention that Erik will be playing in Sweden for the foreseeable future? Did I also mention that we traded UP to get him?

More as the weekend goes on. Right now, I need to mail order some HGH to Stockholm.


HabsFan29 said...

I told you at MYFO, he's filling out to 175! he'll be MONSTER


The HZA said...

Make sure you send him some hair product too. Swedes love hair product.

baroque said...

Before you are so quick to discard him...

When he was drafted, another Swedish defenseman was also desribed as too small and too slight to play in the NHL. As he matured he filled out and got stronger and started hitting guys in the open ice like a Mac truck - his name is Niklas Kronwall.

Anaheim was very interested in this kid, hence Ottawa trading up to pick him, and he was recommended by a scout who worked with Hakan Andersson (the Red Wings' scout who found Kronwall, Zetterberg, Franzen, Datsyuk, et al) for the last 10 years before being hired on by Ottawa.

Be patient and give the kid a few years to grow up and get stronger. He might be kocking people silly in the neutral zone for years to come. (And man, is that ever FUN to watch!) :)