Thursday, November 1, 2007

Hey Look! Ottawa Has A Hockey Team. Cool!

Sens/Thrashers tonight, two weeks (2 weeks!!) to the day from the last televised game. Since then, our boys were out playing Lord of the Flies in the Muskoka wilderness, and dispatching New Jersey while living to tell about it. Meanwhile we've been forced to subsist on a diet of Habs, whatever crap TSN chooses to inflict on us through the cacophonic stylings of PIERRE MCGUIRE!!! and *shudder* Leafs games. A thin gruel indeed.

McAmmond comes back which is great news. Spezza is out...which may also be great news (how the hell do you pull a groin in practice??). I will maintain a studied, yet dignified ambivalence. Nicky stays off the buses for another game and Randy Robitaille gets a spin on the top line. Also cool. On my NHL 07 franchise, I traded Vaclav Varada for Randy, straight up. I think he's scored 112 goals for me in two seasons. Of course, I may have to get off the "beginner" level for that to mean anything.

See you tomorrow for the Creamy Middle kids. In the meantime, try not to let Gord Wilson drive you crazy enough to club seal pups with a nine iron. Always a struggle, I know.

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