Tuesday, December 2, 2008

You Disgust Me

Note: The following has absolutely nothing to do with the Ottawa Senators, hockey or even sports. But it does have everything to do with my unending rage with what is going on with my Government. This is the only platform I have with which to make my views known. If you look up at my banner, it states "Combining Senators hockey with contempt of the human condition". This post is all about that contempt. If you're here for the funny, my apologies. Check back in tomorrow.

To Mister Stephane Dion, Mister Jack Layton and Monsieur Gilles Duceppe:

You disgust me.

I am a Civil Servant. The oath I swore upon joining the public service was to uphold, to the best of my ability, in an absolutely impartial fashion, the policies of the Government of the day, duly elected by the people of Canada. It is a duty I take very, very seriously. It is my job to respect and administer, regardless of my own personal politics, the wishes of Cabinet as expressed by the mandate given to it by the Canadian electorate. You, gentlemen, in your seedy, underhanded scheming grab for power, deserve no such respect.

All of this was brought about by the Tories' move to cut public subsidies to political parties, a subsidy I happen to support if only to keep the grasping influence of well funded special interest groups out of federal politics. But...

You have no mandate. Six weeks ago, the Canadian people voted for a minority government headed by Stephen Harper. Now, you three are telling the roughly eleven million people who cast ballots in that election, that we all made a terrible mistake and that you know better than the rest of us. Perhaps I haven't made myself sufficiently clear...WE DIDN'T FUCKING VOTE FOR YOU!!!! You disgust me.

Your "coalition" depends upon the support of a political party whose stated aim, it's very raison d'ĂȘtre, remains the secession of Quebec and the destruction of my country. You disgust me.

Your purported Prime Minister, Stephane Dion, leader of the Liberal party, the man rejected by the electorate, yet the man who you tell us is the best man to lead us out of the economic crisis gripping the planet, the man you say is best suited to navigate the quagmire that is Afghanistan, at the cost of 97 Canadian lives so far, will be replaced next May, barely six months into your eighteen month agreement, by a new leader. That leader will also become Prime Minister without even the slightest hint of any kind of mandate save the three thousand or so Liberal delegates at the convention. You disgust me.

This is nothing less than a political party making a deal with the devil in order to remain "entitled to its entitlements". This is nothing less than a group of vainglorious, pissant little cockroaches who have deluded themselves into thinking that they know better about what this country wants, whether we know it or not. This is nothing less than a naked grasp for power, for power's sake. This is nothing less than a Coup D'Etat.

You disgust me.


darren said...


not that i necessarily like the coalition, I have a couple of things to point out. please don't take these as an attack on your opinion, because it's definitely a valid one.

1) as a civil servant, aren't you a little pissed that the harper government decided it was okay to take away your negotiation power (ie: strike) without reducing the employer's powers at all (still had the ability to lockout)?

2) nobody voted for a conservative government headed by stephen harper. they voted for a local conservative member of parliament to represent their area. that drastically changes things.

3) all politics is a power grab. harper wanted to do the same thing three years ago. it should not be a shock.

again, i'm neither for nor against this whole situation. what I am for is a complete retooling of our political system so that we can avoid the mess we've been in for quite some time now.

Number31 said...

So much for democracy eh? The whole scenario disgusts me. And not only because we just had the election which the Liberals had threatened to force on us for about a year only to turn around and go "hey why are you calling one?!", but these guys said they've been planning this for a few months now in secret and are BFFs with the separatists. I didn't vote for these guys! Also throwing this crap during a world economic crisis is not very smart as political uncertainty only drives those guys in the markets even more mad than they already are. We can only hope the GG has the guts to tell them to stfu, else we go back to yet another election... Also no one is more power hungry than that grinning fool always hovering behind Dion: Ignatieff. Now, back to hockey before I drive to Ottawa and launch tomatoes at Parliment.

Anonymous said...


i respect your opinion but have some counter points.

1)not a counter point legitimate

2)the reality of CDN politics is by voting for our candidate in our riding we vote for the leader. Like it or not the CDN people voted in Stephan Harper. It isnt a great system but it is the way it is and this argument is like telling Canadians to 'read the fine print' in the voting booth when they dont get what they want.

3)all politics is a power grab but this move infringes on our democracy and highlights major flaws in the system.

I have frustration with all the political parties but i must side with Senators Lost Cojones in saying this disgusts me.

WRowanH said...

As long as any single party can in theory (and in practice) form the government with less than 50% of the popular vote, we are always going to have a problem.

I don't know what upsets me more right now: the Power Grab, or a the fact that we have a system which makes Power Grabs possible.

Anonymous said...

Actually, it seems to me that if you add up the vote totals of the three parties you're complaining about, you get a bigger number than the total number of votes cast for the Conservatives.

We voted for those three at least as much as we voted for the Tories.

Meaghan said...

I am also disgusted by the coalition for various reasons, but I think Harper has to take his fair share of the blame for starting the whole thing. NONE OF THEM deserves to be governing this country right now.

Anonymous said...

Harper made a stupid decision in trying to cut the funding.

The coalition is being led by a guy the Liberals don't want as their leader any more and lost a lot of seats at the last election but is apparently capable of leading the country.

There is a decent chance that there could be no sitting parliament while we go through tough economic times.

No matter where your political allegiances lie this is one messed up situation.

Anonymous said...

T'ain't a coup: what the so-called coalition proposes is legal and constitutionally allowable, not only in Canada but in most other parliamentary systems. If the government of the day loses the confidence of the House and the opposition can demonstrate that it is capable of forming a government, it may (or possibly may not) be invited to do so. That doesn't make the current Ottawa situation pretty or easy to swallow, particularly for those who voted Tory. Harper's an arrogant authoritarian however and I'm not surprised his actions have bitten him in the ass.

Love your blog by the way and I'm not even a Sens fan.

Senators Lost Cojones said...

Anon: I'm not arguing that it's illegal and as my History degree tells me, I know it's perfectly allowable.

However, and this seems to be getting missed, there's a big difference between "legal" and "right". The fact that the coalition's existence, let alone it's ability to function, depends entirely on the support of a Party who's stated purpose is to destroy Confederation renders it, at the very least, immoral and at worst, a coup, no matter how accidental it may be.

And thanks for the kind words, by the way. Feel free to drop by anytime.

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