Wednesday, November 26, 2008

TSN Bravely Refuses To Believe Burke's Soul Still For Sale

I'm sorry, did I miss something?

The last time I looked (or had Pierre McGuire yell at me about it), MLSE's latest foray into the land of Cantankerous Irishmen Not Named Pat Quinn has yet to yield any real results. But fear not stout, albeit delusional, blue and white clad yeomen, a quick perusal of TSN's home page assures you all is well:
  • OTR brings us Bobby Clarke, waxing rhapsodic with "words of praise for Brian Burke...admitting he was a fan of his work as a general manager. But while he thought Burke would do a good job for the Maple Leafs, he expressed some concerns". My guess is those "concerns" centre largely around no longer being the biggest egomaniacal blowhard in the Eastern Conference.
  • And finally, Bob McKenzie sets aside his onion belt as he struggles to remember that dusty old saw about actually confirming something before reporting it as fact (sooooo 1985!) and offers us, in his usual gripping fashion, that "The Brian Burke-Toronto Maple Leafs saga is close to reaching its logical conclusion." Settle down there, Bob.
For those keeping score at home, that's three items on the main page of Canada's self proclaimed sports leader about a story that hasn't even happened yet. And they wonder why the rest of the country presumes that the "T" in "TSN" stands for "Toronto".

For the record, my guess as to why Burke hasn't yet surrendered to the Dark Side signed with MLSE? Neither camp can agree on who has to water Cliff Fletcher twice a week.


Dany Heatley Speedwagon said...

You forgot the item they had this morning about Spezza signing a reebok deal that degraded into an article about his lack lustre play this season and being called out by the coach several times. So there's that.

Number31 said...

Meh. Burke. Whatever. said...

Burke is Burke, hes overrated and looking for a huge payday!

Junior said...

In fairness, the story is that the deal is done...just not announced publicly yet.

But that's not why I wanted to leave a comment.

Neither camp can agree on who has to water Cliff Fletcher twice a week.

= teh funny! THAT'S what I wanted to talk about.

eyebleaf said...

That picture is WEAK. Come with something fresh next time.

Chemmy said...

But the picture has "Suck" in Comic Sans MS on it. Did you miss that?

eyebleaf said...

I did miss it.

That picture RULES!

alfreddouche said...

Man, sens fans are f8cking babies. I'm surprised you were able to type all that with so many tears streaming down onto the keyboard. Since you're also apparently dense, here's a few news flashes: 1) A lot of people follow the leafs, so (almost) hiring a new GM is a big deal. 2) when you have 24-7 media coverage, you should expect to see a few stories that are more speculation than fact. 3) Leafs suck, but at least most of their fans seem to know that. Sens suck but are living in denial.