Saturday, May 24, 2008

My God! Hockey! In June! Oh, The Humanity!

Now, I don't want to get off on a rant here...actually, splash that. I do. It's what I (apparently) do best after all.

Some ado has been made, both by desperate sports writers with column space to fill and the chronically clueless (who are, in some cases, one and the same), about how the NHL playoffs go on until June. I have heard your plaints good citizens, and please believe that I mean this in all sincerity when I say: Tough shit. Either suck it up, or rip your fan card and blow it out your ear.

Is there something sacrosanct about the month of June about which I have hitherto been unaware? Will all 30 ice surfaces across the League spontaneously combust, or will the Cup suddenly vanish in a puff of pixie dust at the stroke of midnight on June 1st? No, although I would pay good money to see Gary Bettman turn into a pumpkin. Even if The Finals go seven games, the latest it can end is the seventh of June. So what, exactly, is the big deal?

Are you telling me that after sitting through a six month regular season (the length of that being an entirely different kettle of fish) to get to this, the point where the best hockey is being played with the highest of stakes, you're going to stop watching because it's now "summer"? Or that "June hockey" somehow interferes with your inalienable right to bitch about your begonias?

Come on, people. Who cares? Just enjoy it. I know I will.

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neveradullmoment said...

I'm all for hockey in June, it makes the wait for the next season that much shorter!