Monday, March 2, 2009

It's So Obvious Now! Somebody Must Have Pictures

Jason Spezza won't be going anywhere at Wednesday's trade deadline. Senators GM Bryan Murray said this morning he has heard all the rumours surrounding the Ottawa centre but hasn't had any calls regarding Spezza, who has a "no movement" clause that kicks in on July 1st. "Not one call about Jason so you can put that to bed," said Murray this morning. "I just want Jason to play well here."
Anyway, I'm still outraged.

Posting may be a little light this week (D-Day excluded...Bryan), so I'm apologizing in advance. You'll know why as soon as it happens. And it will be magnificent!


Tom said...

I think it's a ploy. If you tell everyone he's available and has to be traded, it might lower the price (similar to Patrick Roy in 95).

By saying they don't want to trade him, that might mean another team would have to give up more to get him.

Dennis said...

Habs are just too funny.

Eugene said...

I must agree with you.

John said...

The best and worst thing about blogs happen to be the same exact thing; everyone can have one