Sunday, December 9, 2007

Sundin Grants Rare Glimpse Inside Leafs Dressing Room

I, Larry Tannenbaum, would like to assure Leaf Nation that their captain remains 100% committed minimizing any distractions that may detract from our stated pre-season corporate goal: finishing low enough to have a shot at drafting John Tavares.

Not seen: The MLSE marketing department lobbying hard for next year's "Third Jersey".


HabsFan29 said...

Just had to pop in here to tell you you're "put it in haitch" comment on DS today KILLED me

oh yeah and Habs suck. you guys at least are showing signs of coming out of it. we are not.

Senators Lost Cojones said...

Thanks 29. I was feeling especially caffeinated today.

I was more gratified to see the logical response from KC:

What country is this from? no longer exist...

2-0 over the Canes as I type this. It's good to be back. Sorry about last night, though.